You shut your eye.
You brace yourself.
You picture your destination and, in an instant, you’ve arrived.
The meteor that sent this planet into a death spiral so many years ago has ended more than just the populace: what was once a lush and vibrant world is now near desolate.
“Oh... but, that won’t do...”
You are Plant Lass!
And you will see to it that Earth blooms once more.
Run, jump, dash, and hover through the remains of a world struggling to be reborn, spreading flowers as you go in this speedrunning-inspired platformer!
From the team that brought you Fallstar, Witch Machine, and Witch Machine: Spilled Vessel, this is Bloom Cavatina.

a game for gbjam 10.


arrow keys - dpad
z - a
x - b
c - start
v - select (unused)


austinbrook - sfx, music, gilmore girls expert
jackie fisher - programming, levels
victoria lacroix - programming, levels, art
gwen lawson - art
mabel mabel - spring noise
john l. moore - copywriter
jane underscore - animation, moving pictures expert group

post-jam fixes:

- fixed sound not playing. 


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Bloom Cavatina (Windows) 17 MB
Bloom Cavatina (Mac) 31 MB
Bloom Cavatina (Linux) 19 MB

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